Royal House of Kriegstein
Motto Dieu sauve le Roy
Establishment October 9th, 2013
Status Ruling House of the Kingdom of Kriegstein and Nouvelle Lorraine

The house of Kriegstein is the royal house and nobility ruling (or individuals linked to the ruling family) on the Kingdom of Kriegstein and Nouvelle Lorraine and his holdings.

Born from the Consulate, the house is inheriting the nation and the leader legacy. Born from Kriegstein and Nouvelle Lorraine, both Breshikan outposts mainly managed by Sid, the first political engagement of the house was during the Breshikan-Mongol conflict. The new born outpost was too weak and prefered to temporary submit to the Mongol barbaric rule, waiting the first occasion to flee from the mongol influence. In that short time of peace Kriegstein powered up, became a nation, and officialy seceded from the Khanate. In the meanwhile Shakomatic came back after his assassination and decided to create the Holy Breshikan Empire, a super-alliance meant to fight the Khanate power and balance the political autism. Kriegstein was naturally invited to join the fight and Sidmarcus quickly became the prime minister of this alliance. Quickly the international relations of the house complexified, participating in the Breshikan succession's War and ultimately in the Breshikan Civil War, where it was definitely separated from the Breshikan House, thus definitely becoming an independant political entity.

The house once emancipated from both the Breshikan and Mongolian dominion, joined the Kriegstein Cooperation Organization, and participated actively in various wars and diplomatic crisis like the Crusade of Polish Cleansing or the Finngolian skirmish on Aurian lands. Lately, just before the birth of the kingdom, the house supported the emancipation attempt of Nieuw Walschor from the nicaraguan britfagboo Rhodesian Confederation, against the general will of the KCO, also putting a veto agains the integration of Rhodes in the organization. Though the house of Kriegstein fought bravely for Walschor's freedom, the battle was lost. Then, less than a month later, the kingdom and thus the house were officialy created.

A number of relics have been gathered during the house existence. Some represent Kriegstein's history, others are symbolical items born from the different official kriegsteinian traditions:

  • The ceremonial golden blade of Kriegstein used to Ennoble priviligied individuals for their actions in the House's interests.
  • The pole tear, a rare relic saved from the flames of the Polocaust
  • The Jewgold Block, symbol of the wealth of the House and Nation
  • The Khagan ritual armor, taken as a war trophy by Sid from the Khagan's dead body during the battle of Madeuwe
  • The blade of Battx-Kriegstein pact, given by Killer_Chris to Sid during the KCO creation.
  • The three Imperium staves, given to the three ruling consuls, during the consulate era.
  • Cabst unnamed sword, being the first to fall during the battle of madeuwe, beheaded by Sid during the first heroic charge.
  • Le Enclutine, a.k.a. “Mjolnir”, the anvil/guilotine used in the infamous Kriegstenian “cerimonial executions”. (Fun fact: “Enclutine” is a portmanteau of the words Enclume and Guillotine.)
Head of the House
  • PPA II Pair de Kriegstein, Count of Klamdau, Sixth King of Kriegstein
  • Juinnn Count of NeuJuinndaten-Tasunia
  • Septicaemia Arch-Duke of Eureka
  • Totallycautious Count of Kriegstein
  • Fegelein Count of Gorask
  • TheDookie Duke of Nouvelle Lorraine
  • Ralxtew Prince of Nouvelle Etrurie, Second Roy de Kriegstein/ Second King of Kriegstein (not anymore)
  • Rosenmann Cardinal and Marquess of Nouvelle Reims
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