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Anthem of the Breshikan Royal House

Anthem of the Breshikan Royal House

House of Breshik
Motto Sic semper Tyrannis
Establishment February 6th, 2012
Status Imperial House of Kurwo-Avence
Head Shakomatic
Cadet houses House of Batthork-Breshik
House of Avence-Bydlograd

Established at the founding of the Westro Breshikan Empire, the House was created to determine a line of successors incase anything was to happen to the Empire's head. Its modern role in the Holy Breshikan Empire is to establish a line of sucsessors for the throne of Avence, the Seat of the Imperial Crown, therefore establishing a sucsessor to the title of emperor if anything is to happen to Shakomatic. The House of Batthork-Breshik was disenfranchised with the excomunication of Killer_Chris.

A long time ago we founded the Imperial house, when we were chased off the server, the succsessors were ignored and he An established rule. Since then the house fell into dissaray until the founding of the HBE.

At noon on the 24th of January, Killer_Chris was excommunicated by the Patriarch of the House of Breshik. After the battle of Nova Avence Chris Renounced claim to the Breshikan throne in exhcnage for his sword back.


The House Personally directs the construction of Nova Avence, the capital of the Kingdom of Avence and the HBE.

The relics of Breshik are scattered through the land, Nobody knows the exact number of them for many are lost to time.

  • The Holy Crown of breshik, locked away in an unknown location(possibly not even on this server) Used for inagurations of the breshikan monarch since the third Kingdom(when shako figured out how to craft a gold helmet). Recent;ly the Crown was Almost Captured By batthorki terrorists during the Avence City bombing.
  • The lost Sword of Valinor-Used by the king under the mountian during the Seige of Valinor against the liakans during the reign of Shakomatic II.
  • Fourteen Coals of Battkhortia-Rumored to be in Breshikn Posession the Fourteen Coals were a spoil of war from The Mongol Wars.
  • The Sister Swords Bane of the Khanate and Bane of the Khaganate
  • Greenkittens blood
  • Rosenmanns Advice
  • Killer_Chris' black skull mask

List based on precedence. Although members of the Imperial House, Neither Kreigstein, nor the Knights respective leaders can hold the title of Lord of Avence, unless there are no others to take it.

House of Avence-Bydlograd

House of Batthork-Breshik

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