War of Walschor Independence

War of Walschor Independence

RCF War Poster
Dates 8-20-13 to 9-22-13
Location RCF, NW
Result Ròdo-Mongol Alliance victory
Madeuwe and Voelhaven taken by Rhodes
Continental and Insular NW annexed by the Khaganate
Creation of al-Breshique
areteee and caBst became BFF
Flag Nieuw Walschor
Flag Kriegstein Consulate
Flag North Ender
Flag Onionland
Flag Rhodesian Confederation
Flag Katten Khaganate
Flag Auri
Flag New Finngolia
Flag Bremen
Flag Nazi Moonbase
Green and co. Landscaping
Flag Ender Republic
Leaders and Commanders
Flag P.P.A.
Flag Sidmarcus
Flag Kim Jong Bat
Flag Enton
Flag Cabst
Flag Killer_Chris
Flag mazznoff
Flag Venomthrope
Flag areteee
Flag _glo
Flag Hinoarashi
15 10
112 81

After months of oppression, the Duchy of Nieuw Walschor declared independence from the Rhodesian Confederation, thus violating its laws. Cabst deemed this a rebellion and vowed to crush it. Both sides were subsequently joined by allies old and new. A few weeks after the Battle of Madeuwe, Nieuw Walschor surrendered to the Katten Khaganate.

Nieuw Walschor had joined the Rhodesian Confederation earlier that year. The actions of Lord Cabst, which included underhanded deals with the Mongols, an increasing concentration of power, and finally the unconstitutional ouster of Lord Uxbridge deeply unsettled New Walschor. The lingering distrust between the RCF's government and New Walschor erupted into open hostility, and finally the latter proclaimed that it would henceforth determine its own future.

The Kriegstein Consulate pledged its support for the ambitions of her long-time ally, the Walschorer nation. Out of solidarity, the Democratic People's Republic of Ender which was likewise struggling for independence, too, joined Nieuw Walschor. The remnants of Onionland, too, could be rallied to fight against their ancient nemesis New Finngolia. In an attempt to topple the regime of the RCF, Nieuw Walschor also lent its support to Lord Uxbridge in the Rhodesian Civil War.
When word of the war reached Al-Iskandariya, the war-hungry Mongols of Katten readily entered the war to support their partner Cabst, joined by Auri. Long an enemy of Nieuw Walschor, and after recent diplomatic tensions caused by New Finngolia providing asylum to a wanted Kreigsteinian criminal, venomthrope seized the opportunity to spread the conflict to the Florina Sea. Bremen under areteee joined as well, owing to personal reasons the illegitimate behaviour of PPA and his fellows as well as the KCO Alliance. While it has no interest in the conflict and holds an official state non-aggression policy, the Republic of Ender has pledged support to the coalition opposing the communist insurgents of North Ender.

The Walschor alliance's support of the Northender militants continued. On August 29th, a session of Congress declared the Ender Republic's formal entry into the war in support of the Rhodesian alliance.

Seeing Madeuwe seized by Rhodes and given to Ghoul, P_P_A - severely butthurt - became anxious about losing Voelhaven and Noord Wortland, and seeing them similarly sodomised. He attempted to reach a settlement with caBst, but the latter's outrageous demands were deemed unacceptable, and negotiations failed. Since P_P_A was too busy/lazy to build a castle for the defence of the Nieuw Walschorer mainland, he instead approached the Mongols and offered to join them, thereby depriving caBst of a vital ally (the Katten Khaganate had fielded half of the Rhodesian side's forces) 2 people and choosing a more trustworthy overlord. Nieuw Walschor—minus Madeuwe—became a vassal of the Al-Breshique Khanate on the 18th of September, unceremoniously ending the war. The Rhodesian Confederation accepted the Peace between the Khaganate and New Walschor the 22nd of September when the Rhodesian Confederation and the Khaten Khaganate signed the Treaty of Maleth (also known as the Partition of Walschor) in which the Voelhaven peninsula and metropolitan area was ceded to the RCF while the rest of Continental New Wlaschor remained under control of the K.K. Emperor Chris of Battkhort-Breshik also contested the neutrality given to Noord Wortland, claiming what is rightfully his. Gott schütze den Kaiser!

Signing of the Treaty of Maleth

Signing of the Treaty of Maleth

<caBst|IRC> Do it Chris.
<caBst|IRC> I know you want it.
<Chris> 1 sec
<Chris> caBst|IRC,
<Chris> http://i.imgur.com/tSVsKpK.png
<Chris> we should make a treaty
<Chris> :-DDDDDDd
<caBst|IRC> I completely agree.
<caBst|IRC> Where do I sign?
<caBst|IRC> :----DDDD
<Chris> The Treaty of Maleth was signed on the early morning of 22-09-13 GMT between the parties of the Rhodesian Confederation and the al-Breshique Khanate regarding the cession of the Voelhaven peninsula to the RCF in exchange for 64 diamond blocks

Rhodesian Declaration of War Speech by HM the Lord Admiral of the Navies

Rhodesian Declaration of War Speech by HM the Lord Admiral of the Navies

If the embedded video doesn't work, try this link

The Rhodes-Mongol Alliance were extremely butthurt that the Mongols, being the superior military might proto-gooks they are, annexed Nieuw Walschor.



[19:01:27] <Enton> >mongols


Mongols confirmed for peace loving hippies. Genghis Khan does not approve.

Official Congressional Comment from the Republic of Ender

The situation which has evolved is ultimately the best solution for all parties involved. The Khaganate offers autonomy and dignity to its member states. Walschorers can live free. These events are a victory for the Free enslaved world.


Looking back at the history of battles Bremen and the Mongols have fought together we did not expect this treachery. Unfortunately the Mongols have become peace loving fools who - led by severe underage - prefer trolling over blood and honor. We shall never ally with such untrustworthy cowards again, let alone that only one guy showed up for the battle while the other didnt even arrive on time. Even though surrender conditions have changed unexpectedly this is nevertheless a glorious victory for Bremen and its allies and a prime example for Nieuw Walschor' cowardice.


Chris is a pretty cool guy. Gott schütze den Kaiser.

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