The Universal Church of the Holy feel

The Universal Holy Feel Church
Official Languages: No words, just feels
Demonyn: Universalists
Figurehead Leader: None, Individual Clerics
Motto: “That feel when no GF”
Known Observers: unknown

The Universal Church was founded by Kuroki Tomoko on 12/11/2015, it is a more decentralized church than that of the Church of the holy feel, believing that there is no need for a hierarchy or head of church because we all know that feel. The church is very anti-moderation, believing all mods to be fags who corrupt the holy feel.


Universalists believe that there is no need for a head of church, the holy feel church has been using it's hierarchical system to control the masses. Every bernd can interpret and feel that feel. Anyone can build a church to that feel and worship that feel whenever and wherever they want. And anyone is free to convert or unconvert.


Universalists take a strong stance against keinbernds, believing them to be the spawn of satan. If a bernd becomes a keinbernd he is no longer welcome into the church and must be purged.

Anti-Moderation Stance:

A long time ago, a pure being rose to create Alpharealm and instructed the prophet AlphaBernd to rule over it. Alphabernd overtime turned out to be Lucifer, a fag in disguise, he probably has a gf and thus being Keine is a mortal enemy of the bernd. He forced people to call him “God” and gave his most loyal minions power to rule over others, these people were usually corrupt and even bigger faggots. The church, under the influence of the order of the staff became extremely corrupt, gay, and decadent.

Current Top 3 fags:

  1. Enton
  2. June
  3. Venomthrope (even if he's not currently mod his fagness transcends time and space)
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