The Church of the Holy Feel

The Church of the Holy Feel
Capital: The Heart
Official Languages: No words, just feels
Demonyn: Holys
Government: Decentralized Theocratic Palpal Union
Figurehead Leader: Pally Popar Rosenmann
Motto: “There is no meaning, there are only feels”
Known Observers: ~4

The Church of the Holy Feel, or CoHF, is a semi-religious sect that observes the sublimity and glory of the Holy Feeling that permeates human existence, from basic joys, to the awe of great works, and to the sorrow when in want for GF. The Holy Feel can be found everywhere, and has long since been among the people of The Server since times immemorial, the presence of an organized institution to commemorate this is a newer development pioneered largely by the public works of Badfacian Taco_Town and writings of the Kriegsteinian Philosophers. At this time, no specific dogma is set by the Church, but rather believers are encouraged to do what feels right, meaning that the Church does not eclipse or exclude any particular faith invoking Holy Feels.


Temples and alters dedicated to the Holy Feel date back to the earliest days of The Server in 2011. The very first Holy Feeling is mentioned in The Holy Book of ALPHA, a principle lore in Server history.

“Taken aback by the measure of this endeavour, AlphaBernd spoke to The Divine, asking, “But why My Lord? What would motivate you of All Power to do this? To want It into being, and to choose me as Its overseer?” To this The Almighty answered, “There is no meaning My child, even here as in all things there are only Feelings, and by Holiness you may come to understand Mine.””The Holy Book of ALPHA 1:03
  • When any player dies, it is custom to express observance of the loss and frustration with the Feelian ejaculation, “RiB”
  • Beginning statements with “That feel when (TFW)” and otherwise discussing the reality and presence of feeling in life
  • Feeling things
  • That value is measured by sentiment, not actuality. Or that actuality is sentiment.
  • The realization, pursuit, and mastery of feeling and achieving solidarity thereby.

Places of Worship/Holy Sites

Known Practitioners

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