20:53 Oksana: I can assume that it would be rather dumb to continue this "war".
20:53 Kirk: [alpha] <notakommi> why?
20:53 Kirk: [lobby] The_Broski joined the game.
20:53 Kirk: [lobby] The_Broski joined the server.
20:54 Kirk: [lobby] Kitty4fun joined the game.
20:54 Kirk: [lobby] Kitty4fun joined the server.
20:54 Oksana: You just have to end everything and put up with Salah's victory.

 Salah post-necronomicon Salah (صلاح/סלאח) is jewish ukrainian architect from Palestine. He is known for his massive butthurtings centering about the battle of Madeuwe and in particular his shamefur performance and his fall under colonization. As of 01/01/2019 a dragonslayer.

Salah plays Far Cry 4.

Salah dining

Some guy from Palestine Israel. Unfortunately, you can not make any jokes about it1).

and banning most likely mentaly handicapped friend of special boi yeti30 over a broken sea lantern

[harmony] <yeti30> du hast was kaputt gem,acht
[harmony] <yeti30> schon iweder
[harmony] <yeti30> nein
[harmony] <yeti30> salah
[harmony] <yeti30> mein kumpel ist neu bei minecraft und hat was gkaputt gemacht es war kein versehen
[harmony] <yeti30> er wollt es niucht
[harmony] <AnCO> sorry
[harmony] <yeti30> hab die stelle markiert mit fackeln

[harmony] <Salah> put lanterns
[harmony] <Salah> you destroyed them
[harmony] <yeti30> sagte ich doch
[harmony] <BearMonger> building farms is annoying
[harmony] <Salah> does he think I am an imbecile?
[harmony] <Salah> anco
[harmony] <5Literflasche> do you expect a new player to build a sea lantern Salah?
[harmony] <Jinxauthor_Mel> lol
[harmony] <Salah> he griefed sea lanterns
[harmony] <Salah> from the main road
[harmony] <BearMonger> imagine banning someone over a sea lantern
[harmony] AnCO left the game.
[harmony] <BearMonger> kek
[harmony] <Salah> what?
[harmony] <Salah> he ignored me
[harmony] <Salah> he did not put it back
[harmony] <yeti30> ich bin doch hiuer
[harmony] <5Literflasche> no he wrote excuse me in chat
[harmony] <5Literflasche> multiple times
[harmony] <yeti30> salah
[harmony] <Salah> do you think I am PPA

[harmony] <Salah> it's the main fucking road
[harmony] <BearMonger> thats like getting sent to prison for jay walking
[harmony] <DanFunMan> >he a good boi, he dindu nuffin!
[harmony] <Jinxauthor_Mel> just have him give you the stuff he got from the lantern
[harmony] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he might not even know what it is
[harmony] <5Literflasche> Dude Salah the fuck?

Of course, he can easily be summoned by dropping Gold Nuggets into floating water.
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