Nobility of Condeura

House of Condeura
Motto Omnes ad unum, et unum omnes
Establishment March of 2013
Members Nine
Head Minuke_00
System Feudalism

In Condeura, the nobility consists of a single King or Queen, along with four Barons or Baronesses. Each Baron or Baroness can have two Lords or Ladies at a time. The Queen and/or King may also have up to a single Lord. Along with any number of people they decide to make their Knights. This means there must always be a single ruler, four Barons, up to ten Lords/Ladies, and unlimited amount of Knights. Any citizen outside of the Nobility can still be loyal to a single Baron, and declare him or herself as a citizen of that Baron's province in particular. Lordship to a Baron requires a Lord or Lady to live within the confines of that Baron's province.

Minuke_00 is the current ruler, taking up the crown after kitty4fun left the seat vacan

The Barons rule over the four Provinces, acting as rulers of their own lands independent of each others. Laws may differ from Province to Province, but generally, the Barons tend to work together towards common goals.


Baron of Terra Patria and the True King of Condeura national diplomat, Darynu owns the South-East Province of Condeura. He is the nation's representative in foreign affairs, as well as the National Recorder. He is quite welcoming to newcomers, but has had some issues with one of his former Lords, White_kyurem123. Wickedsparrow has been demoted to Knight for the issue of being quite trigger happy, and White_kyurem123 has been completely rid of his nobility due to extreme dumb-assery. His other former Lord, whereisthe1piece, took over as the Baron of Provincia Prosperita when DEADCROW1408 decided to resign. His most loyal Lord, Noyaeleven, who watches over the territory of Shedlandia. Wickedsparrow is another one of his lords, and has been demoted to knight in the past, due to his well known killer instinct. He has since regained lordship by founding StoneKeep Bay. Darynu's province has a total of five people living within it.


Whereisthe1piece is the Baron of Provincia Prosperita, which is the nation's business capital. He runs a company by the name of T.O.P. Industries in his province, and is quite proud of it. He has yet to do much else of notice or gain any nobility (or citizens for that matter).


This is the newest baron put into power in Condeura taking the place of his predecessor by threat of force. like his predicesor he gets on very little and is a lazy dastard. The province he owns currently is named Bawah Zemes, and is very shitty using its prime materials dirt and stone for most construction.


This Barron was made so after taking a new land for the kingdom, the far lands. this region is dangerous and filed with vile creatures.

The current crown territory is the former province known as Cachoeira Rumah. Minuke_00 lives in a Province of elegant forests and breezy countryside. the land has one Lord. [[people:unimportant|MaxLedeba]. MaxLedeba primarily helps with the primary Provincial territory. Minuke_00 herself holds the title of National Dogslayer, for being deemed the best at slaying foes of canine origin. Humorously enough, she also owns the most dogs in the nation. These two things may be somewhat affiliated.

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