House of Kurwa
Motto Men Amongst Mice
Establishment February 6th, 2012
Status Hoarders of Hidden Wealth and Influence
Bannermen House tis Ródos, House of North Kurwa
Head V1adimirr
Fechtbuch Kurwan System

The most venerable and ancient house of nobles comprised of old Kurwans. Its influence can be felt across the server, though many players may be unaware of its power and authority due to the often secret and shadowy nature of many of its dealings. Though sometimes secretive, the House always works for the betterment of the server. The House currently bears no explicit leadership over any active nations.

Rising from but a few specks of sand and dirt at the dawn of the server, the Empire of Kurwa ascended to a position undisputed power and authority on the 1.7 map. A village that was home to but a handful of bernds would one day preside overr 150 people across a vast empire. Surrounded on all sides by Batt.x rebels, Breshikian interlopers, Finnish invaders, and all manner of newfriends, the Kurwan Empire was able to defend its clay and its citizens against all odds, at times armed only with honor, duty, and confidence.

The 1.8 map saw the fracturing of the Kurwans, many of whom resided in West Rhodes or disappeared completely. After the downfall of Nova Kurwa, the plethora of self-proclaimed Kurwans dwindled to only the most loyal and ancient citizens.

Few remain in the 1.1 map that remember the golden age of Pax Kurwanis. At the birth of the 1.1 world, the Kurwans assembled briefly in the city of Minis Aleph, but eventually dispersed to every corner of the map. Their association is now that of brothers rather than countrymen: bound together by blood and tradition rather than treaties and titles.

The House of Kurwa is primarily concerned with the stability and quality of the current map until a new map can be generated and has little to no interest in sponsoring a new nation until such a time as it can be erected on virgin soil.


The House of Kurwa retains ownership of Minis Aleph and Kurwa Mons, as well as many smaller constructions, including embassies and residences across the server. For a time Kurea Mons was in the Imperial holding of the HBE, its ownership was returned upon the Alliances dissolution.


The House of Kurwa is currently occupied with the construction and operation of the Kurwan Central Banking Company and has pledged its wealth and influence to its stated goals.


The following Houses have pledged fealty to the House of Kurwa:

A number of ancient relics have been passed down the ages. Some represent pivital moments in Kurwan history, others are merely symbols of Kurwa's glory and power.

  • The chestplate of V1adimirr, worn during the June 14th Riots
  • The captured diamond sword of the commander of Fort Libau
  • The pickaxe given to Kurwa by Breshik as a sign of good faith upon Breshik's arrival to the server
  • The golden helm of V1adimirr, worn during the final siege of Breshik during the final Kurwa-Breshik conflict lead by the AN
  • The iron sword wielded by Killer_Chris when he slew Sikandar in the first Batt.x Coup
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