National Socialist Workers Party

The National Socialist Workers Party, also known as the Nazi Party, is a new international political party created by erinius. The Nazi Party, as the name implies, supports the ideology of National Socialism.

National Socialism consists of nationalism and socialism, which both strengthen each other.


The National Socialist Workers Party believes in national identity and pride. Each nation should strive for freedom, independence, and power.


We're socialist but not commies. Control of the economy must be given to the national working class.

Nazi Agenda

  • Protect the Commonwealth from Enderian Jewry
  • Oppress minorities
  • Rebuild the economy
  • Rebuild the army

The Nazi Party is organized from the bottom up, as a party that truly represents the common man. Collective action at the local level is the foundation of the Nazi Party. This is reflected in the way the Nazi Party is made up of local parties from various nations, settlements and federations. Local parties may themselves be made up of even smaller, more local parties. These sub-parties are:

  • National Socialist Danikan Workers Party
    • National Socialist Barriadan Workers Party (Partido Nacionalsocialista Obrero Barriadano)

The grassroots organization of the Nazi Party ensures that the voices of all Nazis are heard, and that Jews don't infiltrate the Party and destroy it. By replacing a top-down hierarchy with this grassroots organization, the Nazi Party eliminates the dependency upon a single point of failure. Therefore, the Jews cannot infiltrate the Party leadership and destroy the Party from the inside.

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