Mercenary Guild of Nautica

Austro and Googin “cleaning up” Condeura

Mercenary Guild on alphas realm, settled in Nautica


The guilds services reach from fighting in battles, initiating raids, selling our high quality weapons and armors, sending military advisors to help out in terms of military expertise, hire non aliged people for the battle or sending our engineers to construct a fort for battles.


We are mostly taking Emeralds, but we also accept Diamonds.


  • Austrobernd, leader
  • Go_ogin, Vice Commander

Battle History

Both Members fought in several greater and smaller armed conflicts including victorious battles like the Siege of Novabydlograd, the Badface-Condeuran War and the Winterlyn-Solntze Grad War.


If some wishes to contract us, message Austrobernd either in the IRC or ingame.

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