Khaldun-Bydlograd Soil Exports

Khaldun-Bydlograd Soil Exports
Languages English
Type Trading and Distribution
CEO Shakomatic
Foundation 2014
Motto We sell dirt, thats about it

After the excavation of the Rucheim Mountains, Shakomatic was left with a massive surplus of dirt. This lead to the opening up of a dirt and gravel shop and eventual domination of the servers dirt market. The Khaldun-Bydlograd Soil Exporting company was founded to help consolidate all royally owned Dirt facilities. From time to time various spawns will have a dirt shop also.

An example of the excavation at Khaldun
Item per stack Comments
Soil 1/10 - 2/10 Forint
Coarse Soil not currently in stock
Gravel 1/10 Forint
Sand price fluctuates
Clay Block 3 Forint
  • Kharak Khaldun Dirt storage facility
  • Dirty Dicks Dirty deals (dirt shop)
  • Nova Bydlograd Dirt storage facility
  • Nova Avence Dirt storage facility
  • Aresia Soil shop
  • Shakomatic Memorial Shop at spawn
  • KBSE shop - wynterlyn
  • Stall in Port Conwy


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