Confederated Heavy Industries and Trading Corporation

To encourage prosperity and wealth, some members of the Confederacy of Independent States bundle up their economical powers in order to become more efficency in terms of industrial, agricultual and commerce output. Current members are Winterlyn and Badfacia.

The idea is that traders and officials of those nations can use the factories, villagers, farms and other production workshops as they want, and share their wealth together.

Winterlyn Industries

Consist of a gold farm and an fully automated XP farm

Winterlyn Agricultural/Mining Unions

The Royal Farms, The Winterlynian Potato and Carrot Company, Royal Mining/Cobble Facility and the Smelting Inc.

Winterlynian Trading Companies

Llama Enterprises Inc.

Badfacia Arms

Previously a private workshop settled in Novobydlograd, it is now the main pillar in the Military–industrial complex. These weapons and Arms where used in conflics such as the Caerulian war and the Commonwealth-Ender war

Badfacian Civilian Complex

Including all farms, automated or not, mines, and the beacon mining facility in the colonies

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