Breshikan mining Co.

Breshikan Mining and Forestry Company
Languages English
Type Trading and Distribution
Leader State ran Corporation
Foundation 2011
CEO Rosenmann
Motto Dealing with Wood and rocks because nobody else will

The Breshikan Mining and Forestry Co. was founded in August of 2011 when Shakomatic founded the company in an attempt to sell it off to attract industry to old Danik. Over time more and More locations were Created but never sold off. Eventually around 50% of the mines in Breshik were owned by the state waiting and reserved for future owners. The Company also owes large swaths of forest across the server for the same reasons. presumably the company is still for sale. The Breshikan mining Company is one of the oldest institutions of Breshik tracing its roots all the way back to Breshiks Dwarven past.

The Breshikan Mining Co has never actually been in the buisness of dealing out goods. It has mostly served the needs of the High King, King, Kaiser, President or whoever the Breshikan Head of State has been over the years.

Too varied to list, inquire with the breshikan government if you wish to purchase holdings of the BMFC.

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