AMUN Publishing Company

AMUN Publishing Company
Headquarters Midgard Municipality
Establishment October 26th 2015
Type Publishing of Written Books
CEO Editor Jam
Languages English, German

The name 'AMUN' stands as acronym for 'Asgard, Midgard, Utgard, Niflheim', the four subsections of Midgard Municipality, where the company is based. It was founded by the group of journalists who had been compiling and publishing the MARNIE newspaper from June 2015 to October 2016, and debuted with its first three books about the UFO Invasion of Nova Bydlograd in October 2015.

Since its establishment, AMUN Publishing Company expanded its projects to tourist guides, novels and bureaucratic registers within Midgard Municipality. On a realmwide scale, the printing of maps, paintings and banners were included as regular tasks until September 2018, when the decision to be less involved outside of Midgard was made. Occasionally on request, Editor Jam also performed proofreading and editing tasks for authors from other settlements, as well as reworked and reprinted older texts by authors who have long since perished.

Exclusively in Alpha's Realm, AMUN Publishing Company can be hired for any projects concerning writing and printing.

Since the range of projects varies and will adapt according to the client's personal circumstances, payment too will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. AMUN Publishing Company does not accept rate payments, but if the client wishes, the negotiated fee may be split in an advance and completion part.

The most direct way to hire AMUN Publishing Company would be to address Jinxauthor_Mel in chat.

  • a note can be added on this site's discussion page,
  • a written note (either as Written Book or as Book and Quill) may be sent to Jinxauthor_Mel's mailbox in Spawn City's Post Office,
  • a request sign may be added to Midgard's message board.
Date Title Original Year, Author Contractor Compensation
November 8th 2018 AD LESBIAM 2015, oldmodwholeft Dora 1 diamond
November 8th 2018 Cats and China 2015, Tangaloa Dora 1 diamond
November 8th 2018 Gedichte von Goethe 2015, Lolibernd Dora 1 diamond
November 8th 2018 Rise and Fall of Calisia 2016, Austrobernd Dora 1 diamond
November 8th 2018 The Raven 2015, Tangaloa Dora 1 diamond
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