The Church “The Holy Rosen-Halo Christian Church of Winterlyn”
“Vinterlys Hellige Kirke dedikeret til Rose- og Gloriesekterne”
Holy OverheardThe current monarch or regent
- King niller
De Facto LeaderMonsignore Austrobernd
Main churchCathedral of Sauerei

A new Christian sect? Some voodoo cult? Winterlyn's scientology? No one knows. Thinfoil hat warriors bite out their teeths when it comes to the Holy Rosen-Halo Church of winterlyn. Some even think that the church is heavily involved in one of Alpharealms most infamous cult, the WSS. Some even say that deep beneath its vast crypts , the gates of hell themself had opend as some occult ritual suceed. The dogmas of the church are also obsucre, there is only one religious book in which the sect takes its teaching, one poor soul claims that the words moved inside the book as those would have their own will, seconds later the reader's eyes melted. Maybe they pray to some old atomic bomb too. Who knows

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