Killed to death

The Confederation of Independent States

The newest peacekeeping body in Alphas Realm, aimed at uniting the entire realm.

The Confederation of Independent States Confoederationis de Independens Civitates Konföderation Unabhängiger Staaten Konføderation af Uafhængige Stater

Confederate Standard
Motto Unite Mundus per Privilegia
Uniting the World through Privilege
Capital Confederate City
Official Languages English
Incomprehensible Japanese
Breshikan (Broken HungarianAnything)
Demonyn NA
Government Representative Democracy
Establishment 17th May 2015
Population 6 Federal Council Members
Abbreviation The CIS
Balls Councilmember:


On the 17th of May, 2015, the once great emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth decided to leave the server. To prevent an all-destroying war, the two former lords of the Commonwealth's Imperial Bundesrat, and Austrobernd decided to form the great Confederation. After much discussion the nation was formed and Tomoko Kuroki swiftly jumped onboard as he saw the greatness this glorious organization could bring with it after long discussion with his advisers found it proper to join the Alliance of Poverty CIS (But later left after realizing King Shako was turning it into the Commonwealth 2.0 under his leadership). A constitution was quickly scribbled down to secure the rights of each independent state. The first nations that signed this treaty would henceforth be known as the Founding States and had increased diplomatic relations towards eachother.


The ever so wise, Austrobernd, foreshadowed a problem on the horizon - a problem of power. He quickly rushed to the other Founding State representatives and suggested the building of a neutral capital in no-mans-land to prevent the powergrabs of olden times. A spot was chosen and there the foundation of the great principles of democracy, freedom and commerce would be laid in stone.

Happenings and Demise

The CIS grew and more Citystates were joining the Confederation in its quest for peace. So did Shakomatic, king of Breshik. This runs into conflict of Tomoko and the tension was on the rise. Regardless of both point of views, both factions were leading a coup at the same time against the Confederated City. After that, the former Commonwealth Nations were rejoining the Commonwealth again, forcing the rest of the CIS to leave. The CIS was completly incative during the time, exept one bloodless rebellion.

Current mapborders as of 21/05/2015

The Confederation compromised of a few Nations, Citystates and settlements, on its peak following entities joined the CIS:

“Peace and trade are the Current Policies of the CIS, domestic and foreign.” - The Founding members at the declaration

Federal Council

The Federal Council was the main executive and legislative power in CIS, it is located in Confederate city. Each settlement must appoint one Representative to the Council.

Current Representatives:

* Lord Commissioner Austrobernd of New New-Badfacia
* Prime Minister Salah of Umm Al Asufli
* King of Winterlyn and the Grand Duchy of Somerset
* King Shakomatic of  the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik
* King Sidmarcus01 of Siverny 
* Lolibernd
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